One last lesson from my Momma + a decorative banner in her honor…

It’s been quite a while since our last post & much has gone on in our little corner of the world. Our daughter Emily & family moved into their ‘tiny home’. They had been living with us for a few months during the construction. I’m hoping to share some pictures of their new home soon, it is just adorable and so well planned out! They’ve also surprised us with the news of grandson number 3’s arrival this fall. Yay! The boy count in this family is on the rise! losing your mom

On a more difficult note, I’ve had to say goodbye on this side of eternity to the sweetest woman in my life, my Mom. The last two years have been very difficult as her health quickly declined in April 2015 yet she struggled on until April 2017.  Although I am so very thankful that she is present with her Lord, as well as reunited with my Dad after 41 years, I feel her absence in my life so very deeply. My mom was not only a wonderful mother to me, she was truly one of my closest friends.

While it’s difficult for me to write about something so very personal, I really want to share what I have been reminded of again through this great loss.

To be honest, over these past 2 years I have found myself battling with ‘why bother’ feelings. Why bother nurturing my home, why bother sewing a sweet little something that will be tattered or even thrown away in a few years. Isn’t there something more important for me to be doing? Like Solomon I’ve had my own version of “all is meaningless” moments. But God revealed to me the answer to my ‘why bother’ questions, in His timing, as He so faithfully does. The avenue He chose to use was a wonderful one, as it was through the testimony of my Mother.

family love
Saying goodbye at the airport. The hello’s were always so much more fun!

As the  dust began to settle in the days after her death & the pain of the most recent 48 months began to loosen its grip, we began to reminisce together of how my mother loved us so well by simply living and being herself. Whether it was by trying a new recipe, or cross stitching another birth announcement, or rearranging & putting out little trinkets to welcome a new season, she was consistently exuding life & joy & love to us through each season of life. Even through hardships & times of grief she kept rising & living with each new day that was given to her. She did so with a faith that did not waiver & a beautiful smile that I will miss until the day I see her again. The testimony of her life has taught me that the reason we create, whatever that creating may look like for us as an individual, is simply because we are here for another day on this earth. We have yet one more day to reflect Gods image, one more day to rise up and be alive in this world.

If you are struggling through a difficult time in life I hope to encourage you (as well as continue to remind myself) to rise with each new day that God gives you and be You! With your unique talents and passions continue faithfully on the journey of living, loving & being the you that He created you to be.

Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory. Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
—Psalm 73:23-26

In honor of my sweet Mom who always changed our home in simple ways throughout each season I’ve made a printable fruit banner to share with you. My momma loved pictures of fruit!

fruit summer fall bannerFruit Banner pdf





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